you deserve the love you so freely give to others

Habitually as women we spend most of our time giving to others, often neglecting our own needs, desires and wants. Our authentic selves become overshadowed by life's demands and who we think we are supposed to be, and we are left with a shell of ourselves, burnt-out and overwhelmed. When will we find time to recharge, to give back and to share the story of self-love with ourselves? Become a part of our Love Yourself Series (an endeared portrait session) where we remove the shame and guilt that often comes with putting ourselves first. Here, you will find a safe place to adjust your focus, reconnect with your authentic self, and listen to that part of you that deserves to be heard and honoured. There is a story of self-love in every one of us.  


We believe self-love is the acceptance of oneself; your strengths, your weakness' and your perfect imperfections and with this, still believing you are worthy. Self-love is taking the time to look after yourself first and to recharge your emotional batteries. Self-love is doing something extraordinary for you.

This is about slowing down long enough to hear your inner voice
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The Love Yourself Series is a women's portrait project focused around self-love and putting oneself first. The idea came about in early February in preparation for Valentine's Day when I wrote a blog post regarding my personal prescription for self-love. I realized that life's demands change through-out life, but for me, one thing remained, the shame and guilt I felt about putting myself first.  I have now teamed up with an amazing make-up artist, Chelsea from 'Allure Beauty By Chelsea' to give back to the self-love movement. 



We are connecting with ALL women within ALL stages of life to reveal the demands we face as we enter each new period of our lives. What helps you to reconnect with your inner-self? What small daily shifts do you make to encourage love and acceptance? We will be featuring one woman a month on our blog through an endeared portrait session from now until the end of the year to share their prescription for self-love/self-care.  


perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others see us, they know exactly how it should be done
— rudy francisco
intimate portraits, edmonton, love yourself


* An exploratory pre-session questionnaire about self-love so we can tailor your experience around you. 

* Make-up by Allure Beauty By Chelsea (1 hour) 

* A 2 hour, in-home photo session 

* Digital files from your session with print release 

(* You must be at least 18 years of age to take part in the series*)


Our series is now closed to applicants. If you are interested in a women's portrait session, please contact us for details and pricing.