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I see you Mama…you are a woman of strength and character. You love madly and deeply and words will never be able to explain the kind of admiration you hold for your tribe…and yes, ‘the days long, but the years are short’, as they say.

Imagine that in years to come, your life and your love would be preserved in photographs. How you loved and were loved and how you felt, not just how you looked were captured. This is what a lifestyle session is all about - preserving of glimpse of how life was for you and your family. My lifestyle sessions are free and natural, I let you do you.


photo session fee

All photo sessions have a session fee due at the time of booking. The session fee covers my time and talent to capture your images on the day of your session. As well, it reserves your date on my calendar!

It DOES NOT include any digital images, prints or products. Those are sold separately.

3-4 weeks after the session, you will receive your online gallery. At this time, you can choose between three collection options. Most families invest between $700-$1000 per session. Payment plans available.

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add-on a highlight film



Your story preserved in a beautiful 1-2 minute highlight film.

For a limited time, I will be offering availability for a film to be added to any of my photo sessions at an introductory rate. These are highlight films and are much shorter than films created during my regular film sessions.




I am a total free-spirit. Posing people certainly isn’t my favourite. I much prefer for you to snuggle up close and act how you normally would act together; I want to capture who you really are and showcase your love and relationships. Yes, I always do one or two, posed, looking at the camera photos, but after that, it’s all about you and your tribe connecting with each other.

what time of day will we shoot?

In-home sessions are usually scheduled for 10am or 2pm. If we are shooting outdoors, I encourage that we shoot during golden hour, which is the last light of the day (usually 1 hour before sunset). During the summer when the sun sets quite late (perhaps too late for your little ones); we can choose a time that will work for best you and a location that has flattering light.

what if my kids misbehave?

As I say, no one is ever in trouble during a session, unless there is a safety issue. I want your kids to run and explore and have fun. This is exactly what we want to capture - kids being kids. This isn’t about perfection. There is a chance there may be tears during the session and that is OK too - photos of you comforting your child is real and beautiful. There is never an expectation to hurry through the session either - so breaks are encouraged. Whatever happens, we will just roll with it.

What happens if we get sick?

If this happens, and it does, I will happily reschedule for another day. Same goes for me, if I’m not well I’ll let you know asap and we can reschedule too - I would never want to turn up to your session unwell, especially with a newborn baby. There is no fee to reschedule in this case.


I deliver all sessions in an online gallery, from here, you can download all high resolutions images.

Yes, you will receive printing rights to print to your hearts content, but please note that there is a custom shop in your online gallery, which uses the best quality print labs. You can print directly from your gallery if you wish, or you can choose a collection where I do all this for you. I offer albums and print options.

Yes, share your photos on social media - I totally encourage it! Just leave the editing up me - no cropping or adding of filters.

HOW DO WE book?

Once we have have chatted and agreed to move forward, I just need a retainer-fee and a signed contract and we are good to go.