365 Days Old - Edmonton Family Photo & Film Session

I honestly don’t know where to begin. This family. Their willingness to let me into their home. Their trust. Their beautiful family story.

Every once in a while, a photography session changes me. This was one of them.

When I walk into your home during a family film session; I see more than you expect. To you, what might feel like an ordinary Saturday morning; to me looks like joy, peace and unwavering love. I see love. I see the love that you are surrounded by in all its forms. The energy, the expressions and the simple touch all turned into something more. I see the love you may not notice.

After spending days in slow motion with each family editing their film; I feel like I know them on a new level...

...and this family. Oh my heart. We decided to capture Charlie's 1st birthday...a monumental milestone when you are just 365 days old! A simple day at home with Mom and Dad. We laughed, we played, we sang and we ate. I never let them be anything but themselves. Like any first time parents, this has been a challenging year for them, but honestly, all I witnessed was their strength and their unwavering love for each other. All my heart to this beautiful family.