Fresh 48 - A Newborn Story

As I walked the halls of the hospital, the anticipation was tremendous. Who was I meeting? The only thing the St. Denis family told me was that their little bundle had arrived, but I had yet to discover if this little bundle of joy was a bundle of a baby boy or a bundle of a baby girl. It was like Christmas.

When I reached the room, I couldn't hear a was so peaceful and quiet. As I quietly knocked and opened the door, I could see baby swaddled comfortably in Mama's arms, surrounded by big brother, Dad and Grandma. This precious, most adorable bundle was a sweet little baby boy, and he was 10 hours new.

Emerson, you have the cutest little nose and chin, and the sweetest little feet, but most importantly, you have an incredible family who will forever love you unconditionally and a big brother who is ready and waiting for you to be big enough to play. 

This is 'Fresh 48'.