LIFESTYLE Photography Explained

The story of LIFESTYLE...

Your photographer tells you that they are shooting 'lifestyle' Easter photography sessions. You nod politely and pretend to know exactly what that entails. The term 'lifestyle' is becoming a more and more popular description of a style of photography. To me, lifestyle photography tells the story of something that is happening; it is a way that captures moments, details, and connections; with some direction from the photographer. On either end of lifestyle photography, you have portrait photography and documentary me, lifestyle falls somewhere in the middle. I tend to combine some elements of both portrait and documentary. Portrait being more controlled, I will tell my subject to 'stop for a that again', or to, 'stay there'...usually because the lighting is beautiful, or something just looks or feels right to me. In other moments, I use more of a documentary style where I let moments flow freely and photograph things just as they unfold.

Below is your lifestyle Easter photography session that your photographer so lovingly wants you to embrace. There are posed and natural elements. This session was absolutely hilarious and chaotic from my (and my husband's) perspective. Not only was I the lifestyle photographer, but I was also the Mom trying to direct my little friends into making these Easter cake pops, which, might I add were suppose to look like Easter eggs; please use your imagination. Will I try making cake pops ever again? Probably not, but it was worth the photo session that I got out of it.

Sara Jewell