Kat + Graham - Couples Session, Edmonton

You know you are in good company when these two are up for some whiskey, coffee, popcorn and srummy caramel crunch cookies; for real…and yes, all at the same time. Kat and Graham were totally up for trying out a couples session in my garage studio set-up!! Yes, folks, this session is in my garage. When you are a photographer you are constantly looking for locations and corners of your home to transform into something more than just a corner.

Kat and Graham are seriously so chilled, so laid back, and so in love. Totally a country boy, and Kat a city girl, they just completely compliment each other and all I can think is that deep down at the core of it, they have the same mentality and outlook on life. I was like, ‘do you guys every argue?’ both look at each other in question and laugh - ‘no, not really’. Kat confessed to once getting mad at Graham and that was only because she wanted to spend more time with him. With stories of their future and their future home with two staircases and hidden rooms, I couldn’t help but totally feel so much for these two.

Here is a little bit of kat and Graham.