A Mama and her Boys - Finding Joy

Finding joy when you least expect it, is what makes life abundantly fulfilling...and finding joy in the simple moments of your life with your two beautiful boys is what ultimately gives you meaning and unparalleled healing.

It's cliche to say I was honoured to photograph Miranda (who is a kick-butt photographer - Miranda Wensel Photography) and her boys, but I truly was. This was no ordinary session...this session landmarked a new beginning and a building of a new life in a new home and discovering a new 'normal'. This family loved and hugged, kissed and cuddled and certainly melted my heart. There is so much love to go around here, and then some, that I can't help but acknowledge just how lucky these two boys are. 

Miranda, thank you so much for having me come into your home to photograph your new life...so, so honoured. This session will always hold a special place in my heart.