What to Expect - Fresh 48/Newborn Session

Fresh 48 Newborn Photography sessions are an absolute dream for me; the documentary approach of capturing your newborn just pulls on my heartstrings. From being welcomed into your postpartum room (hospital, home or birthing centre) to celebrate your new arrival, to capturing these first moments together is truly magical.

A Fresh 48 newborn photo session might just be the session for you and your newborn baby. Here is what to expect:

1) Expect more emotion than perfection

Trust me, I don't expect you to pose, put makeup on, or expect your hair to be done and for you to be wearing the perfect outfit. Please, no, none of this, just be you and do whatever makes you feel comfortable, I have no expectations. I am here to capture the real and the raw. I want you to remember the smell of your newborn baby, the wonder in its eyes and the joy you felt watching your partner sing to your baby for the first time. Time doesn't wait, and you will never get these moments back.  These sessions are about freezing a moment in time for you, and your children forever.

newborn baby, sara jewell photography

2) Expect more of a documentary approach and look to the session

What I mean by documentary is that I will just go with the flow with what is happening and capture it just as it is. Your session my be interrupted by feedings, diaper changes, doctor visits and meal delivery...but that is ok; that is more than ok. I am just going to let you be and enjoy your new baby and we are going to welcome the uncertainty.

Newborn Photographer, Edmonton, Sara Jewell Photography

 3) Expect a solid amount of black and white photos

For me, when I look at a photo in black and white, I see the emotion more than anything else. I love black and white photography to begin with, and especially for fresh 48 sessions. Although, some of your photos will be in colour as well, there will be a good amount of black and white. Often the lighting in hospital rooms isn't always ideal as well and can sometimes create heavy unpleasant colour casts on your photos - simply put, black and white just looks better.

Newborn baby, edmonton, Sara Jewell Photography

4) Expect the details to be captured

I will capture the setting - from the exterior of the hospital, to the hallway leading to your room and to all the details there - I want you to remember your room as it was, with the overnight bags, snacks, gifts/cards, nurses notes, baby essentials, etc.

 I will capture the details of baby - from the hospital bracelet to baby's newborn hair, fingers and toes.

 I will capture the emotion - you holding your newborn baby and realizing you are a Mother, either for the first time, or yet again; to siblings meeting their new brother or sister to you both realizing your life will forever be changed.

5) Expect this to be super relaxed and stress-free

It is my hope that it feels like I am just an old friend who is coming to congratulate you all, I just happen to have my camera with me. This is what I love most about these sessions - they capture the essence of this moment in time without any expectation.  Just life and all its goodness.

Is a Fresh 48 session for you?