Love Yourself Series - Dawn

it’s hard to figure out where and how I fit in now and if I’m worthy of stepping out as a single woman - pretty enough, Fun enough, Interesting enough.
— Dawn

Seriously, this woman is amazing...strong and confident she knows who she is. With kids grown up and an 'empty nest', Dawn is at a new stage in her life where making time for herself might come a bit more easily. I thought Dawn was amazing from the moment I met her. I could tell she was someone who knew a lot more about self-love then myself...and in fact, she shared some amazing words during her session with both Chelsea and I: you get older, your confidence grows....

I wouldn't go back to my 20's, there is too much pressure...

In your 30's a woman's body and looks blossom, you have a natural glow about you. 

In your 40's there is a transition; your parental role has changed and your can start to refocus on yourself.

In your 50's you might have a mature body, but your mind still feels young. 


This is dawn 

Why are you passionate about self-love?

Because if u don't find love for yourself you will never truly be able to love another.

What qualities about yourself do you love and appreciate?

My honesty, my humour and my ability to always see good in others and to see people for exactly who they are.

What do you do for yourself to recharge and to encourage self love?

Being around positive and motivated people.


What makes you feel beautiful?

Hmmm...a good pampering and a romantic night out with someone that looks at you like you are the only goddess in the room.

What demands in your life hold you back from making time for yourself?

Nothing, we can always make time for ourselves.


Do you have a favourite quote of book that encourages you to out yourself first?

Not really. But I will often hear that little voice in my head saying..just breathe, this too shall pass.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop stressing. What you thought was world altering will mean absolutely nothing in your future, so enjoy the kids now, laugh with your friends...and don't worry about getting to bed at a reasonable hour..Give yourself a break.

Thank you, Dawn, for working with us, for being open and vulnerable about self-love and giving back to a community of women who want to grow and connect. 

* Makeup by the amazing Chelsea, from Allure Beauty By Chelsea *


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