Our Last Visit With Grammie

She always said she would live to be 100; and so naturally I believed her... and so, I thought I still had time. She would have been 94 today. 6 years left to see her, spend time with her; 6 years for me to move back to the Maritimes. 

I am trying to figure out if it is better knowing or better not knowing that it is the last visit you will ever have with someone. I am going to go with the latter. However, there must have been a part of me that knew it was the last time that I would see my Grandmother last summer. During our visit not only did I take a lot of photos of my children with their Great Grandmother, but I also took photos of things in the house that brought me back to my childhood - the light switches, the clear glass tea pot, the cubby holes in the up-stairs bedrooms, the photo-covered fridge. There is simply something magical about your Grandparents home. I remember getting very emotional moving through each room in the house, recalling memories from my childhood. I remember my husband noticing how emotional I was, but I also recall we didn't speak about it, perhaps he understood. 

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrows always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time
— dean brody