Love Yourself Series - Dyanna

Self-love means staying true to yourself and being your own person
— Dyanna

As we move throughout life and the many stages it brings, the societal demands and the demands we put on ourselves change; yet one thing remains, YOU. However, often we put ourselves at the bottom of our never-ending to-do list. We tell ourselves that if we can just get through to Friday, or to our vacation that we can plow through now and breathe later, long enough to think about ourselves - hopefully


l had the amazing opportunity to meet Dyanna - a motivated young woman and an advocate for self-love. It is most appropriate that Dyanna, a university student, majoring in Genetics, has started off our series for us. I clearly remember this initial stage of my life as a woman. The world before me, an 'anything is possible' attitude and a huge pile of expectations I set for myself, not to mention the expectations to make my family proud. 'What will you be when you grow up?' What pressure....who knows?  Yes, I remember the demands clearly....


This is Dyanna

"... it is important to be able to love yourself in order to be truly happy... I'm passionate about self-love...self-love can extremely benefit our mental health."

What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love to me means being happy and confident with yourself, no matter what other people think. It means living in the moment, having no regrets and taking time for yourself and what makes you happy...I think it's important to be able to love yourself in order to be truly happy with yourself, your actions and with life. I'm passionate about self-love because I believe it is a huge aspect of mental health and improving our self-love and becoming happy with ourselves can extremely benefit our mental health. I've volunteered on campus with a mental health group and this experience has made me very aware of how important self-love is and how this is lacking in many individuals.


What do you do for yourself to recharge and encourage self-love?

I always remind myself to set limits. I try to keep a balance and remind myself that it is okay to take time for myself and take a break. My friends are my biggest outlets to help me recharge....


What qualities about yourself do you love and appreciate?

I love my will to learn and drive towards a project. I'm a very curious person and I always want to do my best and I am always eager to learn more.

Do you have a favourite quote or book that encourages self-love?

I don't have a specific quote, but "you do you" is a motto to remind myself that it is okay to do what makes me happy. Be yourself, and be happy with who you are.  


What advice would you give to your younger self?

Stop caring what other people think. I know this is a classic piece of advice that people hear every day and chose to ignore, but it is true. The second you can stop caring about how people will perceive you and start caring about what makes you happy, you'll feel a lot better.

Thank you, Dyanna, for working with us, for being open and vulnerable about self-love and giving back to a community of women who want to grow and connect. 

* Makeup by the amazing Chelsea, from Allure Beauty By Chelsea *


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