Love Yourself Series - Aly

I feel beautiful for having the courage to own my choices & act on my desires and passions.

Quietly confident, this young artist and blogger has a passion for all things beautiful, inside and out. I know she feels the pressures from the world and society around her so deeply. The expectations as a young woman to lead a certain life & look a certain way, at times, hinder the process of self-love. Trusting in your own decisions and opinions opens up another level of confidence. Aly is such a sweetheart; we had so much fun dolling her up for her session. She has big plans and a wonderful future filled with lots of self-love ahead of her. 

this is Aly

Why are you passionate about self-love?

As I've grown into myself, I've realized that being a female comes with so many expectations and pressures; how to carry ourselves, how to look, how to live our lives, that our own opinions of ourselves are unfortunately easily influenced and overshadowed, whether we realize it or not. It takes a lot of strength and wisdom to truly love ourselves, physical appearance aside, to be content with your personality, your passions and your little quirks and to proudly own your life. I feel that self love is so important in leading an authentically happy life, it'll radiate from your core & show in your actions. Love and happiness go hand in hand, and in order to be driven in your passions, truly connect with people and find satisfaction in your life, you need to truly invest in yourself, your whole self and foster a love and respect for how unique and wonderful you truly are.


What qualities about yourself do you love and appreciate?

I love that I've grown up with an intuitive sense when it comes to reading people. It helps me to understand other people's emotions and actions and helps me to build stronger relationships with people I care about & even those I haven't connected with yet. I also love that I've inherited my parents kindness and willingness to go to extreme lengths for those they love and even those they don't know. I appreciate kindness and compassion above most things & im proud that I carry myself with that mentality. Lastly I appreciate my creativity and eye for details. It lets my inner self shine, but also allows me to look at the world in such an appreciative and wonderous way.

What do you do for yourself to recharge and to encourage self-love?

Spending time with my family is definitely number one. I have a great relationship with both my parents and hugging my dog is the best comfort. I also love to indulge in treating myself to a dinner out with my good friends. I've always been an avid story lover, so reading in a bubble bath or following a tv series I love is also really good for recharging. It's taking the time to indulge in my favourite things that is important in maintaining a healthy self love. It aids in helping me tackle the less desirable parts of life, because it gives me new things to look forward to in my day to day life. Oh and 100% chocolate.

What makes you feel beautiful?

When I'm being actively independent and boldly pursuing things that are important to me. I feel beautiful for having the courage to own my choices & act on my desires and passions. When I've truly connected with someone and they can see me all the way from my eyes down to my soul & they accept and love me for everything that I am. I've been blessed to find a few people who give me that butterflies giddy beautiful feeling. When I'm painting I've been told that I have a certain calm and intranced look and I can relate that to a feeling of utter calmness and beauty. Its like my inner self is taking hold and shining through & no matter what my physical state or appearance, I feel my soul radiating beauty and contentment.

What demands in your life hold you back from making time for yourself?

I am definitely a people pleaser, so giving the extra time to work or school definitely eats up a lot of my personal time. I'm still working towards my future and goals, but sometimes I forget to put my happiness and importance first and get stuck doing things for others over myself. Or worse doing things out of a sense of people's expectations of me over my true desires and intuitions. Over the last year I've realized that every choice I make directly affects my life first and so I need to be more concious of how, where and who I'm spending my time on. Never make the mistake of letting anybody call you selfish for caring about your happiness.

Do you have a favourite quote or a book that encourages you to put yourself first?

"Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but turn you attention to other things and it will come and sit softly on your shoulder." - Henry David Thoreau.

Like I said before, happiness and love go hand in hand and I believe that if you just keep busy, focus on following and indulging in your self, your passions and your choices, you will foster that self love and respect and everything in life will fall into place. Self love does something to you and people will flock to your personality, you'll find the freedom and courage to do things your love and as you lead your life, you will find your place and happiness will come land softly on your shoulder and bask you in a quiet golden contentment

What advice would you give to your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to take things a day at a time, not to worry so much and to keep on with the knowledge that if you are kind to people and do your best, life has a way of working itself out in a way to best shape you. Some people are for a season, some a reason and some a lifetime. Also, wisdom, inner beauty and self acceptance comes with experiences, making mistakes and paying attention to life's many lessons. There is no shortcut and be careful not to let pride and stuborness get in the way of learning and growing.


Thank you so much Aly, for working with us, for being open and vulnerable about self-love and giving back to a community of women who want to grow and connect. 

* Makeup by the amazing Chelsea, from Allure Beauty By Chelsea 

* Hair by our newest member of the Love Yourself Team, the talent herself, Kat, from The Hair Lounge


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