Baby Emmett - A Newborn Story

heart open wide

"MOTHERHOOD | We're all told we can do anything we want or be anyone we'd like...and we can have it all...but somehow this very fundamental + natural thing that is motherhood is the most soul stretching, heart wrenching experience any human can endure.

It takes you right to the edge of all the strength you think you can muster...and then gives you a great big shove beyond that...and then.

Then, just when you think you can no longer hold on for a single moment more...He makes a tiny sound...or looks you deep in the eye.. and suddenly you're a titan ready to move mountains." Mel 

You can never truly describe to your friends the feelings they will have once they become parents for the first time. Nothing can fully prepare you for the amount of love you will experience. Tom and Mel are the perfect pairing; similar in all the right ways and complimentary where needed and with the arrival of Baby Emmett - the icing on the cake. I wish this family so much love, so much understanding and so much patience. Sending all the needed ingredients to you, my friends.