Meet Me


As the daughter of a photographer, I have either been in front of, or behind a camera my entire life. My parents bought me my first SLR, film camera on my 16th birthday, and I have been taking photos ever since. 

I am a complete energy junkie, full of it...the simplest things thrill me...I can get excited about your new house paint colours - seriously. I also feel it all - as a full-on empath, you can guarantee that I can feel what you are feeling; I will wholeheartedly share in your greatest joys and lowest lows. I am also a mother, a wife, a creative, a die-hard optimist and a true free spirit (I am not much of a planner, I am kind of a, 'let's meet under the stars somewhere' kind of gal - but believe me, if I do have to plan, I will plan it to the nth degree). I believe in creating your own reality, being genuine and true and wearing your heart on your sleeve - vulnerability is my magic trait. 

I love both coffee and tea (probably way too much), sweet treats (also, probably way too much), creating with my hands, being in the kitchen and spending free and easy time with my 'Jewells' at home or adventuring the country.

I didn't always know that this is what I would be doing, but I always knew that this is what made me happy. 


Things I love